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At IndoWedding, we plan every wedding with our complete involvement~ heart and soul.
We understand that planning a destination wedding requires expert assistance and organization.
We offer a range of complete wedding planning services to deliver a one-of-a-kind wedding, whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a big fat Indian wedding in Italy!

Indian weddings are a colourful and vibrant mélange of several costumes and events. If you take into consideration the various different cultures and religions in the country, you will find a variety of pre-weddings functions and celebrations that span over days, apart from the more serious ring exchange ceremony and the exchanging of vows.

Pre-Wedding Functions

A couple of the most popular and commonly celebrated functions are the Sangeet and the Mehendi. The Sangeet is one of the livelier and more colourful celebrations in Indian weddings. It’s a function replete with enthusiastic live music and dance performances, and food and drinks galore. The highlight of Sangeets these days is the dance, enthusiastically put together by the couple’s family and friends under the guidance of a choreographer, and often performed with popular Bollywood film songs and other wedding songs. Given the larger-than-life scale of Sangeets today, it isn’t rare for the couple to hire professional performers too.

PRE WEDDINGS                                                                     

MARWARI WEDDINGS                                                         
GUJARATI WEDDINGS                                                         
HINDU WEDDINGS                                                             
RAJASTHANI WEDDINGS                                                     
MARATHI WEDDINGS                                                           

There is no wedding without music, Dance, Dhol or Band . There are all sorts of enriching events spread over 2-3 days to tempt your guests. Whether you are getting married on a grand scale or in a small way, music and dance adds zing to your function. Pep up the crowd with lively music, The right ambience to create the right mood.

DJs, Music artists, live bands are invited for the sangeet and other functions. Special mantras are recorded and pundits, who can chant and are specialists in reciting from the Vedas, are engaged to be a part of the wedding. It’s all about a good blend of the east and the west!
We provide you with a choice of:

  • Wedding Dj
  • Mobile Dj
  • Live Dhol jamming with Dj
  • Dhol players
  • Sangeet
  • Baarat entertainment
  • Indian Bollywood Dance Group
  • Indian classical Dance Group
  • Punjabi Bhangra Folk Group
  • Rajasthani folk Group
  • Live indian music 


Traditional Hindu or Sikh weddings in India can often be long, ritualistic, and elaborate affairs with many pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies.  celebrate the ceremonies in different ways according to their own marriage customs, rituals, and culture. A henna party is a tradition . Henna parties were often held in the house that the bride was going to live in, and the guests included girls and women from the bride and groom's side of the family. The bride and all of her guests wore embroidered dresses called "binalli". In addition to this, the bride also wore a red veil that covered her face.

According to Hindu tradition, the ceremony is mainly held at the bride's house or at a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. Generally, the bride and groom attend the event together and on the occasion, a professional mehndi artist or a relative applies mehndi to the bride's hands and feet. The designs are very intricate. Often hidden within the mehndi pattern, the name or initials of the groom are applied. The event generally has a celebratory festival feel to it with the women dancing and singing traditional songs and the girls wearing vivid colors such as hot pink and yellow, often if the bride to be wishes to tease her future groom she will make him wear purple. The groom usually wears jutti instead of western footwear.

In Pakistan, the Mehndi ceremony is referred to Rasm-e-Heena and is often one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies, which is celebrated by the bride's family. In Bangladesh, the Mehndi ceremony has traditionally been separated into two events; one organized by the bride's family and one, by the groom's family.

  • The darkness of the mehendi colour on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple.
  • The mehendi’s colour also shows the love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.
  • The longer the mehendi retains its colour, the more auspicious it is for the newlyweds.
  • Mehendi is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility.



Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance on that particular day. Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing. It’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal make up that would suit the brides taste and skin tone.
Though Indian bridal make up is a bit gorgeous with red and gold hues predominating but the makeup shouldn't be over the top and should naturally enhance the dewy radiance of the bride. Bridal make up can effectively correct any imperfection or marks that the bride may have on her face. So over all bridal make up forms an integral part of a bride’s repertoire.
  Bridal Makeup
Each makeover includes cleansing, moisturizing, foundation to powder, blush, eyes, and lips. We use every up-to-the-minute, state-of-the-art technique available in the industry. From beginning to end, your makeover will achieve the perfection that any movie star would be proud to wear. Your beautiful makeup will last from your first photo, till your last dance.
  • Pre-wedding appointment with hair stylist to try hairstyle
  • Hair stylist before the ceremony
  • Pre-wedding appointment with make-up artist to select make-up
  • Make up before the ceremony
  • Manicure and Pedicure

A Strong focus on Vendor selection and Management.

Indowedding will refer established and professional wedding vendors for every area of your wedding. We are experienced in managing different vendors and deal with many reputed wedding vendors in different arenas on a daily basis. Our expertise in the wedding planning business has armed us with the knowledge of what exactly needs to be done and which questions you will need to ask the many vendors you plan to work with.

Indowedding will schedule and attend vendor meetings, discuss event requirements, pricing and services, with you or on your behalf. We will also coordinate and manage vendor deliverables until the event date ensuring that you have the smoothest ride possible.

While recommending artists, we will take into consideration your budget, theme, preferences and guests.

Wedding reception design and décor is not a simple undertaking involving just the big picture decorations like the flowers, mandap and basic lighting, it involves a variety of small and big tasks like seating arrangements, finding or creating the perfect centerpieces or stage backdrops, deciding on ambient or mood lighting and much, much more. You will also have to decide on the perfect colour scheme for the main wedding event and the other soirees as well. If you plan on having a themed wedding as is popular today, your wedding design and décor needs to be handled with that much more finesse and an eye for detail.

We enjoy suggesting optional ideas and different materials and objects adding a personal touch to your wedding decoration in Italy.

Our trusted, expert florists know how to create dramatic compositions for the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of, including breathtaking, personalized Mandaps in the colours you desire, plus other gorgeous floral decor using fresh flowers, garlands, and petals; everything will be colourful and perfumed for an amazing setting. The reception that follows will also be given the same attention, with exactly the table centerpieces you desire, from candelabras to decorated vintage lanterns to romantic floral compositions; whatever you want, we will know exactly how to interpret and create what you envision.

Wedding decoration can follow any budget. We will conceptualize, create and coordinate themes and all your décor desires, in conjunction with your vision and in your budget. Whether it’s importing exotic flowers for your big day, picking the best fabrics, designing elaborate sets or sourcing props, Indowedding will take care of it all making the best use of your budget.

When a couple decides to get married in Italy, soon the question will be to find the perfect wedding photographer for the ceremony and the wedding reception.

More or less everybody has a small digital camera and pictures will be made by family and friends.

However, there is still a big difference between the pictures of a professional photographer and the mass of images made by family members. Our professional wedding photographers are offering the complete service from video to photo.

After the post production process including retouching the images made by our photographers will be sent to the married couple in their home country.

Italy is the perfect place for fantastic wedding pictures. Our professional wedding photographers offer the whole range of image-styles in wedding photography: black and white or colour, classic romantic or stylish, retro-look or documentary?

Our clients decide and we will deliver the perfect pictures. Our wedding photographers are flexible and master all photographic styles!

Please keep in mind: It will be much cheaper to hire your wedding photographer directly in Italy, since you will not have to cover traveling expenses.

IndoWeddings displays a hunger to provide a sophisticated catering service to the Asian community, crafting innovative menus that are admirably diverse. With Asian weddings we understand that religious traditions must be adhered to with each family celebrating weddings in their own fashion. We at IndoWeddings offer our unique services to Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and those who just adore the beauty of Asian cuisine.

Experienced caterers 

Having extensive experience in creating Indian delicacies IndoWeddings has proven to be an exceptional choice for wedding food, bringing a touch of class and a celebration of Indian culture to the table. We take great pride in our approach to wedding catering, creating a well thought out plan to ensure your wedding runs smoothly and efficiently. Allow us to guide the way and create a wedding food itinerary that will enhance this beautiful occasion, ensuring that both you and your guests enjoy a gorgeous meal.

Fresh ingredients

As a company we employ strong ethics, working only with local, fresh produce. All of our dishes are created on the day in which they are served, offering the best food experience possible. We cater to many types of Asian weddings so no request is too large. Whether you are hosting your reception at a hotel, in a marque or have booked an outside venue; be sure that IndoWeddings can bring your wedding to life.

If you are looking for information about how we can enhance your wedding then call us today and discuss the many options at hand.

Italy has many elegant and prestigious wedding venues with the possibility of exclusive rental and accommodation for a fabulous wedding celebration with your guests: ancient castles and elegant villas with luxuriant gardens where to build your mandap decorated by selected floral designers.

We can help you choose the best venues and professionals for a fantastic Indian wedding in Italy.

Our Locations are:

  • Tuscany,
  • Sicily,
  • Sardinia,
  • Puglia,
  • Como Lake,
  • Amalfi Coast,
  • Sorrento Coast,
  • Rome,
  • Venice

No matter what style of wedding venue you’re looking for, we are going to find the perfect one for you. From cute and costly villas to glamorous stately homes and rooftop restaurants to medieval castle, there’s something to suit every kind of couple in our venues selection.


Your perfect venue is a click away.


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